Tough, Tougher, Toughest

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Tough, Tougher, Toughest-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Chase Karnes to the Broadcast. Chase is a national and international level competitive strongman who competes in the lightweight 220 and 231-pound weight classes, trains clients in the private sector for over ten years through Genesis Strength and Fitness, holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Murray State University and takes just as much pride in his 20 years of under-the-bar experience combined with over 12 years of coaching experience. Eric and Chase tackle a most important topic called Tough, Tougher, Toughest. Eric and Chase start the show right off briefly with how many kids today are way too pampered and coddled. We don’t mean in any way to ever neglect a child but to instill enough toughness within them so they can learn to shake off some of the life’s  little things! We also acknowledge the toughest generation ever.  They are the World War Two Generation. Most of them if not all of them worked in heavy manual labor or were stay at home mom’s running the family household. Many of the World War Two generation lived very hard lives but yet had the toughness to thrive and make those around them do the same. Toughness is thrown around just like so many other words out there that I think have really lost its value and meaning. Eric and Chase talk about Eric’s brother Jimmy. I call Jimmy the unsung hero. Jimmy is my warrior and my example to live by. He was the absolute example of Toughness even though we knew his life was going to be very short in years.We talk about our conversation last year on M&M when Chase said he was going to bring his Deadlift up to seven hundred thirty-five pounds. Now to make a bold statement that takes real sand. The great thing about this goal that Chase explains is having a tough enough belief system that he’s built along the way which would not allow him to succumb to failure. Due to this deep-seated belief and the law of attraction, he deadlifted seven hundred and thirty-five pounds and met his goal. Toughness in our opinion equals great leadership. Leadership equals to building the confidence to recognize in others who look like they need some help or just a simple hello. For those of us who lift heavy and hard, it gives us the ability to lend some of that strength to others which we cherish within ourselves so much. When you exhibit that type of toughness outside of the gym you begin to realize that this is what it’s all about.
Eric and Chase talk about how Toughness when its built through hard work, pride and passion it becomes an unstoppable combination. The force you will exhibit within yourself and to those around you will be absolutely astounding. Toughness is the fabric and the glue that binds us all together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporation, sports team or someone who is just trying to get through a rough day. Never discount how tough you are or your self-worth.
Eric and Chase teach everyone that there are many forms of toughness out there. We agree that nothing about toughness is singular in nature. As human beings, we are all mental, physical and spiritual beings. Toughness is connected to all of those three. To become truly tough learn to master your thoughts, build your strength, practice a winning attitude and bend but never break to anyone or anything! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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