Train and Gain-Digits, Banana Bread Smoothie and Ginger Bread Overnight Oats-#317

November 12, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Train and Gain-Digits, Banana Bread Smoothie and Ginger Bread Overnight Oats-#317-Eric Fiorillo Host of Train and Gain and The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes His Co-Host Erin Mackin to the show. Erin is a marine, nutritional coach, owner of Paleo Effects, Strength Trainer and Exercise Coach. Eric and Erin continue their series on building massive functional arm strength from your finger tips to the top of your tricep head. We begin talking about how to strengthen the fingers. We hit upon using and squeezing a tennis ball, soft balls and using various equipment such as titans telegraph. We also discuss how useful stones can be to accomplish this feat and how to gain  strength and hand size off  of this. From the fingers and hands we tackle the all important wrist. We talk about the value of wrist rollers and how useful they are in building the girth of the wrist. They also build the most important thing you’ll need to lift large awkward objects. Wrist Rollers will build and aid in greater ligament and tendon size. We talk about the importance of thick bar training for seated wrist curls addressing the under hand and overhand styles. As we move up to the forearm I’m a big fan of doing standing reverse curls with a two inch or three inch bar for this movement. When your using a thicker bar it works the whole arm. The best thing about thick bar training your grip is the limiting factor. This will force you to learn and complete the lift properly. It will also beef up the whole arm. The next forearm movement that really puts some mass on my forearms was walking with large stones and squeezing  them as hard as possible. It will create some pain initially but watch and feel how pumped up your forearms will become. Erin has created another winner with her Banana Bread Smoothie post workout drink. For your recovery meal Erin demonstrates how creative she really is. How does  Ginger Bread Overnight Oats Sound to you?  This is why we call the show Train and Gain. Your Success awaits you! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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