Train and Gain-DS Tri/Quad Squat and Intuitive Eating-#397

May 2, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Eric Fiorillo Host of Train and Gain and The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes His Co-Host Erin Mackin to the show.

Erin is a marine, nutritional coach, owner of Paleo Effects, Strength Trainer and Exercise Coach.

Eric and Erin kick the show right off with intuitive eating. Erin explains to Eric how she has changed the ways she eats. She now eats a well rounded three meals a day where in the past she was eating in more of a deficit mode. She was eating only the foods on her short list and when life became stressful she ate less and exercised more.

Erin tells us that she still struggles with her body image but she is improving everyday.

The anxiety she felt so deeply has lessened and she’s begun to not only connect with herself but reconnect with the world. Erin exhibits the tenacity and drive to win her battle with food and exercise and to show the world it can be done.

Eric and Erin talk about his new squat routine called the Dead Stop Tri/Quad Squat. This is one of the most result producing programs I have ever done. John McKean who is a mentor to Eric told him all about the squat movement.

So I had to try it and here’s how you do it. The first thing you’ll need is a power rack. Secondly you’ll need an Olympic bar. The rest is very easy to learn when executing the lift properly. What you’ll do is set your Olympic bar on the long rods at parallel position. I would highly suggest having the bar positioned right against the two back posts in your power rack. The thing which really throws people off is you don’t use your hands to hold the bar. To start the bar dead stop off the rods you’ll push your hands off the middle of your thighs and begin standing up. Now this will be very awkward at first. The bar will come off the rods uneven many times or try to roll off your traps. Remember you can’t stand totally straight up either because the bar will definitely roll off. Once you can get the groove with this lift your squat will skyrocket.

The whole point of something new is to give it a real shot and don’t get discouraged. I’m already doing 400lbs in that lift.

Wait till I tell you all about the way I’m building new pathways and how I’ve begun doing isometric holds for time. Your legs will be the size of redwoods if you show patience and determination.

There will be more articles and video to follow.

Get excited!

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