Train and Gain-Huge Biceps, Mocha Smoothie and Protein Pancakes-#296

October 15, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Train and Gain-Huge Biceps, Mocha Smoothie and Protein Pancakes-#296-Motivation and Muscle Host Eric Fiorillo Welcomes His Co-Host Erin Mackin To The Fifth Installment Of The World Famous Train and Gain Podcast Show. On today’s podcast we talk about a training subject everyone loves. Huge Biceps, Big Arms, Bulging Biceps. However you want to coin the name or phrase nothing sticks out more then a big upper arm. Were going to do a series of shows on how to build huge arms. Today Eric and Erin will focus on some of the exercises which will deliver the goods to build ultra strong and functional arm strength. We start out with the thick handled dumbbell  row. This is not only an exercise for the upper back and lats but it is one of the best exercises for the biceps especially if your a stone lifter. The next exercise we talked about was the bent over row with an  olympic bar or Apollons Axle. Either bar is great to use. When I use the Apollon Axle for extended periods of time the biceps appearance looks much more dense. We also talked about throwing some car tires on the bar for look and bounce.  The next exercise we talked about was the Apollon Axle barbell curl with an isometric hold at mid point in the power rack. This exercise will build the arms from fingertips to traps. Holding for time against the rods will build ligament and tendon strength like no other and deep deep muscle bellies. Sets and Rep ranges are explained through every exercise movement. Erin gives us another masterful post workout drink titled Mocha Smoothie. As Erin explained this is a smoothie you can make and drink anytime throughout the day. For all of us who are going to need some extra protein after that brutal arm workout. Erin gives us the recipe for her Protein Pancakes. Erin even went out and tested every kind of protein to see what works best in this recipe to give you the gains and taste everyone craves. Train and Gain! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!


*There is a correction to the Pancake Recipe. Add Half a Cup of Egg Whites instead of one cup to the recipe.

*Both recipes will be posted tomorrow on


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