Train and Gain-One Sided Lifting, Apple Pie and 1950″s Style Meatloaf-#277

September 14, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Train and Gain-One Sided Lifting, Apple Pie and 1950’s Style Meatloaf-#277-Train and Gain says it all. I’ve for a long time wanted to do a show that would give you an inspiring routine to go along with foods which would enhance your strength, recovery and your mind. Well at Motivation and Muscle we pulled that off big time yesterday. I want to introduce my co-host Erin Mackin to our Motivation and Muscle Strength Warriors. Erin has been on a few shows we me in the past but she has many other strengths we hadn’t tapped into yet. Erin is a US Marine, a nutrition coach, president of her company Paleo Effects, strength trainer and an all around athlete. Today we talk about one sided lifting which has become one of my favorite ways to repair, heal and fix weak links in your body. I was really inspired to come up with this idea when I had an injury and had to work around it. I feel this is a great way to not only strength the body but stress the body whole. When I say stress the body whole I’m referring to no matter what side of the body your working the other side must compensate  and become stronger right along with it. I’m doing the following 3 exercises to accomplish this task. I start  out with a deadstop one sided squat on the shoulder using the Apollon Axle. I like the feel and the girth of the bar on my shoulder when I push off the rods. The second movement is the one arm bent row using a 2″ dumbbell handle to pull while bracing myself against a keg. The third movement is a standing overhead press with a 2″ dumbbell handle deadstop off a hand built rack that locks width wise in the power rack. Once locked into the rack I can push any size dumbbell overhead safely. Erin and I talk about her Apple Pie Smoothie loaded with everything you’ll need to get your body back and ready to take on the next big workout  planned. Apples are not only full of valuable fiber for your body but this time of year there isn’t a better fruit to eat. For all you beef lovers out there wait till you hear what Erin has cooked up for your recovery meal. Erin comes up with a dish called 1950’s style meatloaf. I love the taste of meatloaf and she has built a winning dish here. Erin also shows you how to bake the meatloaf making it much easier to take with you when your on the go and need a delicious meal, This is pure Train and Gain Magic. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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