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Use Your Head-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Mark Haydock to the broadcast. Mark is a Strength Competitor, Strongman, Stonelifter, Powerlifter and Former Rugby Player!

Eric and Mark open this thought-provoking Podcast Titled Use Your Head with the biggest question of all. Where and what are you focusing on and why aren’t you thinking about the situation in front of you? This requires you to start Using Your Head! We get right into the training dilemma which so many students out there face everytime they want to hire someone for instruction to what it is they want to accomplish. The success rate we believe is very low because there are too many programs out there where one size fits all and this creates a high level of Failure among trainees.

We really talk about the power of your focus and why it is so important to Use Your Head in every situation. Eric and Mark discuss the injury Mark sustained at the Dinnie Stone Gathering in 2017 carrying and walking the Dinnie Stones. Mark snapped his Achilles tendon while walking the stones for distance. Mark knew something bad had happened to his foot but yet opted to finish the course basically on one leg. Why? He was committed and had laser-like focus! We talk about the focus on Stones and the growing popularity of them out there. Whether its the Shouldering of the Tombstone at this years Arnold, the Ardblair Stones added to this years Gathering, Ryan Stewart’s discovery of specific stones in Utah, the Shinto Stones of Japan or possibly 2 new Stones in Iceland the growing focus on this type of strength is only gaining more steam! It’s so great to be a part of it!

Eric and Mark finish our Use Your Head Podcast with some key points on how to Focus on everything that is important to you. When you begin this whole learning process to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want you have half the battle won! When you Use Your Head the whole world of possibilities is now in your favor. When you really learn to think the flow gates of success open wide for you. You now have the ability to write your own story and create the end result that you want. It’s all on you! This is the ultimate way to live your life and create a storm of success and Prosperity! Use Your Head!

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