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September 18, 2018 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Welcome to the Family-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Podcast Welcomes a 13 year Highlands games athlete in his 2nd year as a Professional, a graduate of the College of Brockport, and recently accomplished lifting the Dinnie Stones at the Gathering in Scotland 2018 Matt Hand to the Broadcast.

These are always exciting Podcasts where we welcome new guests into our Motivation and Muscle Family. Welcome, Matt Hand to the Family. My first introduction to Matt was seeing him lift the Dinnie Stones back in August of this year. I decided to make contact and here he is with us today on M&M! Like many of us, there are certain things in our young life which send us in the direction of Physical Culture. As a young boy, he and his family would always attend the Highland Games. As Matt explains to me he was really hooked from the very start. As he grew and got older he progressed into track and field, throwing, and today is a Highland Games professional!

We talk about the essence of Physical Culture the Guts of it all. We who understand the ability of it to change your life in such a positive way will be students and the embodiment of it forever! Do we touch upon the question I presented Matt with what would you tell a young kid who sought you out for information on the Highland Games? Matt responded with you must get your body moving and to invest in a couple pieces of Highland Games equipment and let’s get started.

We always finish every podcast off on a few high notes and this edition of Welcome to the Family with Matt Hand is no different. Eric and Matt talk about the one attribute Matt sees in all successful athletes. Every success story has one thing in common. They all know themselves! The second thing we touch upon is goals which go hand and hand with success and is there other famous stones he would like to lift? There is. But you’ll have to tune in to the Podcast to find his answer. Its a big goal but Matt is more than capable to pull it off! Success and Goals!

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