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Welcome to the Family-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Annika Eilmann to the Broadcast. Annika is from Finland a Strong Woman, Strength Competitor, Winner of Finlands Strongest Female Contest 2018, Mother of a 17-year-old Son, and a Mother of an 11-Year-Old Daughter.

This is why I am so blessed and love what I do when I have a new Family Member who comes on M&M and right off the bat conveys so much happiness to be here. Annika is one of the happiest people I have ever shared an M&M discussion with. We start our teaching discussion off with the impact of Strength Training and especially how stone lifting has just exploded! We talk about the Gathering and the introduction of the Ardblair Stones to this event and the impact Charlie Oliphant has had on everyone and especially the young children to participate in Stone Lifting. Annika like Charlie, Stevie, and many others are creating a whole new generation of Physical Culturists!

Eric and Annika talk about her influences of why she got into Strong Woman and the biggest influence were witnessing these woman compete in live events. Annika at that point was going to start her Strong Woman career and was the pure natural strength. She flipped a 300lb kg tire three times never doing it before and won her first Strong Woman Contest she entered! Very impressive!

We talk about Annika’s overall diet, how many days a week she trains, what here coach will instruct her to do and how she puts relaxation into her life! One question I asked her was what if I gave you a genie in a bottle and you could ask for one wish what would it be? The wish was to have more Power!

We finish off this Great Enlightening Podcast Titled Welcome to the Family with this key point. As Annika tells Eric that she loves Strong Woman and does it for herself! This is what makes her the Champion she is. It’s dedicating yourself to something that is much bigger than you for the moment but this sport allows you the freedom to be, do and achieve whatever you want! That’s why there is truly nothing better than Strength, Power, and Belief! Are you ready to join us?

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