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October 22, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

What’s Missing-Eric Fiorillo, The Host of the award-winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes an All-Around Lifter, A master of the Bent Press and a Grip Extraordinaire James Fuller to our broadcast? Eric and James go after another very interesting topic for your listening ears titled What’s Missing. What are we witnessing these days in the gym? There is a quitting attitude like I’ve never seen before! We talk about that there are no perfect programs no matter what you hear in training. You could have the crappiest program out there but if you trained it every day with pure grit just think what you’d look like in five years? Big! To succeed in weightlifting you must begin with the basics to create the foundation needed to accel in the many different modalities of weightlifting. The big don’t I want to stress to everyone is to not give in or give up! You’re going to have to build a very pit bull like attitude and tenacity! We talk about how much appreciation we both have for Physical Culture and how much it has done for us in our lives. We like the struggle, and the elements and our successes and failures and would never want to live without it!Eric and James talk about a young lifter James have been working within the gym who has made some super progress since he started. Recently he went into a strength meet and didn’t fair well and decided this wasn’t for him and never finished. He just walked out. As James tells Eric if you can’t get out of your comfort zone outside of the gym the same quitter’s mentality will stick with you and it will always make it easy to quit.  Repetition can be either positive or negative! Eric and James finish our Meaty topic Titled What’s Missing with a few great reminders. Every day you have the ability to change the road your on. Don’t be so quick to give up on yourself. Lifting period is a lifetime of ups and downs which everyone out there should have the guts to go after. It is truly the one thing we’ve both done which has true meaning in our lives. When everything around you is up in flames the iron always snaps you back to reality! The second point is how many things can you do physically for a lifetime? If you make the right decisions you could train well into your nineties! How exciting is that? Take a chance on yourself, build your lifting base, eat hugely, think huge and sleep huge! What more do you need for a happy successful life? Make the right choice! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 With Host Eric Fiorillo Connects Your Brain With Your Brawn! Enjoy! You are a Winner! You are a Champion!

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