Why Do Winners Win

May 25, 2017 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Why Do Winners Win-Eric Fiorillo The Host of the Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Welcomes Carmen Caputo to the broadcast? Carmen is a USA Marine Veteran, a Retired School Teacher and a Champion Weightlifter for 57 years. Eric and Carmen start our podcast off what everyone loves to do and that’s winning. We talk about making winning a daily habit and to always associate with and have winners around you. Carmen talks about a student of his named Dee who is a 60-year-old female weightlifter who has a work ethic that makes all her contemporaries at Carmen’s gym want and need to step it up in their own training. Winners support one another, push one another and drive the others when they are having an off day. As I always say just a few direct words for that day or any day can have a very positive outcome in your life. We also talk about how winners get out there and work their lifting craft to their best of their ability for any given day. The main thing to always remember for great gains in strength and recovery is to work hard, eat, sleep and repeat!

Winners never give up, give in or blame others. As Carmen tells Eric that he has been kicked in the throat so many times leaving him on his back and having to make the decision to either lay there or get back up. When you keep getting up there is no other choice but to win! Eric and Carmen believe we don’t hear enough talk about winning in today’s society. Success surely has taken a back seat to victimhood. It’s much easier to cry about a situation and be rewarded for victimhood rather than being presented with a massive goal and giving heart and soul to achieve the ultimate goal of winning.Adopt the attitude of being tougher than everyone else. Learn to make yourself uncomfortable so when your in a situation where the walls are caving in all around you’ll survive it, flourish from it and Win!Eric and Carmen finish our exceptional teaching podcast off with a couple of important points. In your weightlifting program just as in your life, you must have a plan. Stick with that plan and make the necessary tweaks to keep moving forward. Always remember any failure along the way of your goal is a learning experience! Secondly, you’re going to need a strong mindset built on lots of wins and accomplishments. Winners believe in the power of Optimism. No matter what situation is presented in front of them they realize they have total control over their environment. Winners look for the good things in everything and take advantage of all opportunities offered to them! Create your own definition of success but make Winning the Main One! Winner!
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