Will Dinwiddie-The Multi-Sport Athlete-#220

May 29, 2015 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Will Dinwiddie-The Multi-Sport Athlete-#220-Eric and Will talk about how he does multiple strength sports to make his strongman competition much better. He describes how being picked on as a young kid made him want to get big and strong so this would no longer happen. Will like myself liked the team sport concept to a point  but when we picked up our first barbell everything changed. We had found our calling and decided to carve a new path and find what we were made of both physically and mentally. We talk about how great it is to really understand strength and the responsibility it takes to achieve greatness. We talk about giving back, helping others and building super strong bodies. This is a life long commitment to become not only great, but strong and a stand up individual.  Keep pushing, growing and be a man or a woman of high achievement! Will and I lay the whole plan right out for our listeners. Live life with vigor! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show connects your Brain to your Brawn. Enjoy!

.Just a Note to our listeners. We had some technical issues during the podcast. I cleaned up the podcast as much I could without taking to much out of our conversation out of it. What a show…

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