Winners Only Apply

December 11, 2016 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

Winners Only Apply-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Show Welcomes Jedd Johnson to the Broadcast. Jedd is a Speaker, Performing Strongman, and Three Time National Grip Strength Champion. Eric and Jedd start the show right off with a recap of the King Kong of Grip Contest. We also talk about the power of your own grip and finding more of a mainstream way to bring grip training to the masses. This is a very important idea because so many young , middle-aged and older Americans are suffering from a weak grip.Winners Only Apply! Eric tells Jedd right off the bat that he’s never seen so many defeatists in his life. No matter whatever it is out there in the world when things go bad or you don’t get your own way the response to it is crying, blaming others or some sort of violence to names a few examples.We talk about winning in and out of the gym. Do we need to ask ourselves this question? What are you made of? We give aand point out examples in our own training. Obviously, we all train for different goals but we all agree that many times we put ourselves through hell just so we can travel back from there and claim victory. We talk about our standards, our beliefs, our goals, and the associations with other winners we choose to connect with.  Jedd talks about the trust factor which is very important with a new trainee. If those you associate with either in or out of the gym do not believe in you or trust you you’ll have a very low success rate as a trainer and a person.We talk about the constant slew of whiners, especially in the gym. As a trainer, many clients can’t or won’t even look you in the eye when they speak to you. They no longer offer you a firm handshake and on many occasions, they won’t contact you if they aren’t going to show up for the workout.  Eric and Jedd talk about how neither one of us ever needed someone to hold our hand to motivate us. We had some great teachers at various times in our training and still do but we had the hunger to keep learning no matter what the cost.  We talked about our experiences with quitters and how this mindset will keep you down forever until you choose to build a winning attitude. We talk about how many parents act worse than their children. They turn out and produce these spoiled, soft and entitled babies who haven’t got a clue to what the world is going to expect of them in the near future. This is where a young man or woman can feel that their life doesn’t matter and feel a life of little hope.Eric and Jedd love the art of winning. The struggles, the failures, the comebacks and most of all your success. When we say Winners Only Apply we mean we want men and woman of character, grit, discipline and perseverance. Is this way of life tough? You sure bet it is. I live by this phrase constantly:No pain no gain! Think about that the next time life throws you a curve ball. Winners win! Motivation and Muscle Streaming Radio 24/7 Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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