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ICELAND – NEWS OF ICELAND – Hafthor Julius Bjornsson!!!!

Iceland’s Strongest Man 3rd year In a row: Hafthor Julius Bjornsson!!!!                          

                       Wednesday, 19 June 2013 15:02        

Strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson became Iceland’s Strongest Man for the 3rd consecutive year yesterday. He won all the events but that is the first time a contestant reaches that point.

Hafþór won 8 out of 8 events and won a cash bonus on the deadlift.  Páll Logason was second, with Ari Gunnarsson and Úlfur Orri Péturson next.

The event was a Yoke Race with 380 kg (840 lbs). Hafthor Julius Bjornsson finished in just under 12 seconds.


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