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Motivation and Muscle Podcast, Roger LaPointe, Atomic Athletic, Garage Gyms, Challenge Dumbbell, Iceland, Fiorillo Barbell

Welcome to another super Motivation and Muscle Podcast. My regular Tuesday guest is in on Monday. He is none other then Roger LaPointe the President of Atomic Athletic. Check out his website at Today’s show talks all about the garage gym. The feeling of being outside, creating the gym the way you want it and the freedom to do and act as you so choose. The fun of using chalk on your hands again and letting out a blood curdling scream when your powering up a super heavy weight. We cover everything from a thru z and back again. A truly inspiring podcast show. Motivation and Muscle connects your Brain to your Brawn. We can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy!


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Motivation and Muscle, FiorilloBarbell Company, Coach Rob Regish, The Blue Print Army, BodyWeight Training

Motivation and Muscle get’s right into how beneficial body weight training is and the benefits it presents to Weight Lifting and your health. When you can create strength from all directions there are nothing but benefits. Coach Regish takes us through his favorites and Eric describes the Big three he used for the new weight loss MP4 to be released shortly. This is another winning broadcast with our audience in mind. As Coach Regish would say: Welcome To Gainsville. Motivation and Muscle connects your Brain to your Brawn. You can also hear us on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy!

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Motivation and Muscle, What are You Made Of, American Hero Louis Zamperini, America

On today’s Motivation and Muscle Podcast we discuss what are you made of. We discuss what a great country we live in and the great opportunities at our feet. We talk at length about a great war hero by the name of Louis Zamperini who just passed away at 97 years of age. He will tell and show you what he was made of. This is one of the greatest podcasts I’ve had the honor of being part of. This podcast with connect you to Mr. Zamperini like no other I’ve done. It’s so great to be part of the American spirit. It’s an idea that’s taken place for over 200 years. I hope when your done listening to this podcast you can ask this simple question: What am I Made Of? Motivation and Muscle is the podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn. We’re on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy!

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Motivation and Muscle, Fiorillo Barbell, Coach Rob Regish, Blue Print Power Hour, Pre Workout Supplements

On today’s Motivation and Muscle Podcast, Coach Rob Regish really gives us a college type lecture on Pre Workout Supplementation. Rob dives into all the goodies we like to take to get us that much more alert so we can train a little longer, smarter and harder. PR’S are everywhere with this no holds barred approach to supplementation. Rob practices what he preaches. So join Rob and myself in this highly charged show. This is the Podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn! We can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher. Enjoy the Show!

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Motivation and Muscle, Bud Jeffries, Fiorillo Barbell, Strongerman, Maximum Functional Mass

Welcome to Motivation and Muscle,the Podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn . Today, we had the honor of all around Strongman Bud Jeffries. Bud has just released his new MP4 called Maximum Functional Mass. I watched the MP4 before I spoke with Bud and its a 100 percent winner. We had Bud on for over one hour last night and really hit upon many things including some sage words for everyone. We were even discussing the possibility of going to Iceland next year to lift the Husafell Stone. We hope to have Bud on whenever he has time from his busy schedule. Enjoy!

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Motivation and Muscle, Coach Rob Regish, Protein, EAA’S and Dr. Scott Connelly

Today’s Motivation and Muscle Podcast Welcome’s back our good friend Coach Rob Regish to the show. We hit a number of subject’s really focusing on supplements. I hope you enjoy the show. Remember Motivation and Muscle connects your Brain to your Brawn!

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Motivation and Muscle Talks With Coach Rob Regish

Welcome to The Motivation and Muscle Podcast. The Show that connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Today’s Guest is Coach Rob Regish. We are honored to have Rob with us. Rob does a weekly show on Super Human Radio with Carl Lanore called the Blue Print Power Hour.  Rob is truly an expert in the field of training and everything that goes with it. We hope you enjoy today’s show on how training has changed in the last twenty years. Enjoy!

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How to Become Lean, Mean and Dripping With Confidence

Welcome to Motivation and Muscle. This is the Podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn. Today’s show marks our first interview with many more to follow. We welcome Dennis Eames to Motivation and Muscle. Dennis as you know lost 43 pounds with FBC last year. We are on the verge of launching our weight loss DVD/MP4 which shows Dennis from beginning to his great  success in losing 43lbs in six months. Dennis has kept the weight off for seven months and it fact is two pounds lighter today. This is part one in a series of interviews with Dennis. I hope you enjoy it.

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Pull,Push and Weed

Motivation and Muscle welcomes you to our seventh podcast. Today were going to dive right into the dirt. How working outside and getting dirty will make your weight training better and vise versa. Motivation and Muscle is the podcast that connects your brain to your brawn!

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You Have The Strength To Get It Done!

Today on Motivation and Muscle Eric tackles and relates to his audience what it takes to see your dreams come true. We talk about the pride you feel when you create products that help others and the great feeling it brings you to see it put  into action. Please listen and enjoy this podcast!

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