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Amanda Ballew

Amanda Ballew-Life’s Events-#309

Amanda Ballew-Life’s Events-#309-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Highland Games Thrower, Coach, Olympic lifter and Kickboxer Amanda Ballew to the Broadcast.

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Dr. William Crawford-Latra and Leggstein-#307

Dr. William Crawford-Latra and Leggstein-#307-Eric Fiorillo of the award Winning Podcast Show Motivation and Muscle Welcomes MD, Strongman, Highland Games Competitor, Stone Lifter, Writer and Speaker Dr. William Crawford to the Broadcast. I’m so pumped to do this show with Bill. Today we talk about the famous lifting Stones of Latra and Leggstein located in Iceland. You’ll get to hear firsthand and be part of an experience few get to live. Eric and Bill describe Latra in a way which sounds and is right out of Norse Mythology. Picture yourself lifting four huge stones having to pile them on top of each other on a cliff with the cold swirling ocean water bouncing over the top of you. Then you move closer to the ocean to meet the Judas Stone. After you finish the Judas stone or it finishes you your next attempt is with the Column Stone weighing 600 pounds. I’m getting fired up just writing this. Then Eric and Bill talk about the Stone at Leggstein.  The best description of this stone is to picture a stone wide at the top narrowing down to a point. This stone weighs 485 pounds. The Icelanders tell a tale of a farmer who made a deal with the devil and of course the devil didn’t honor the agreement and the farmer is buried there with no chance of heaven. The way we can free the farmers soul is to lift the Stone and walk in a circular motion around his grave which is covered with a huge stone. What a show we have and I hope all the people who reached out to me will rally enjoy it. Bill and I are thinking about putting together  a stone trip for Iceland next year if there is some interest. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy! Stones….

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Adam T Glass-The 2 Percent Mindset-#306

Adam T Glass-The 2 Percent Mindset-#306-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Grip Master, Strongman and Trainer of Champions Adam T Glass to the Broadcast. Eric and Adam blast right into  the 2 percent mindset. We start right off with weight training as our example. What is it that the top 2 percent are doing better then the other 98 percent and why? Adam asks our audience are you a 2 percenter? Eric relates his story of job loss and the question marks that follow. The biggest question I faced was what do I want to do for the next 30 years? It became clear that I wanted to open a Fitness Business and  Broadcast a Podcast Show to offer solutions and give out information to get everyone out there to join the FBC Family. That’s what a 2 percenter does. I decided to knock the world on it’s as* not the other way.  The top 2 percenter has vision. As Adam said your on the way to hitting your mark. You’ll make the corrections needed to hit the bullseye eventually. What decisions have you made? How do you see yourself? Adam explains that  your decisions and your self worth are the keys to everything in your future. The question we pose is do you add value to a persons life? Stop hiding and take a shot on your future. I promise you your worth it! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn, Enjoy!

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Dori Peterson-The Rebel Food Nurse-#304

Dori Peterson-Rebel Food Nurse-#304-Eric Fiorillo The Host of The Award Winning Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes The Rebel Food Nurse, Registered Nurse and Nutritional Coach Dori Peterson To the Broadcast. Eric and Dori talk about the last four years of her health journey. Dori who  is a registered nurse has had first hand experience with the sick and the terminally ill and came to the realization that its not drugs which cure the sickness in people its the proper supplementation and giving them the foods that their diet lacks to get them well again. Dori’s passion for health goes much deeper then just clean eating. She tells us how she lost forty pounds and has three young boys. She decided at that point that she was going to lead by her own example so her boys would pick up good eating habits which will last for a lifetime. We talk about the mind and how old habits die hard. The inner being must be changed in dramatic fashion and met with a primal resolve to run over the old stinking thinking and keep reminding yourself that the new you will win out. This takes time and practicing large amounts of repetition to slay the dragon inside. Dori talks about how she works with people who need to change mentally but the real crux of the problem is do they really want to? Dori gives examples of how some people just want to stay as they are never really changing just adding another page to their script. We also address the victim mentality that is in overdrive in America right now. We talk about childhood obesity and how the biggest killer of children right now is cancer. The question we must ask all of us is what are you eating and does it help or hurt you through this wonderful thing we call life? The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Dan McKim-Highland Games World Champion-#302

Dan McKim-Highland Games World Champion-#302-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Number One Podcast in The Universe Motivation and Muscle Welcomes Highland Games Champion, Midwest Rep for Sorinex Equipment, He  Graces the Cover of Milo Magazine for September 2015 , Super Strongman Dan McKim to the Show.  Eric and Dan talk about Dan’s five sons and how he and his wife are building them into young men and future warriors. We really talk about Manliness. Eric and Dan address the femenization of men not only at young ages but all ages. We need to be aggressive, leaders of men and the rock that younger men look up to. Dan and I feel we have failed as a group and we need to change that quickly. We need to stand up and be strong as men. Even though are sports are different we still train hard, compete with aggression and vigor but most of all you can see our passion sweating through our skin pours. How are we so different From the mainstream zoo I ask Dan? Dan answers it in two of the biggest words you can put into action. The words are Motivation and Inspiration. These two words with create a sense of well being and success like none other. Dan and I discuss Motivation much more in this podcast. We also talk about why did he get into the Highland Games and what advice he would lend to someone who has the interest in the sport. We also talk about training and the sacrifice it takes to build world champion strength and the ability to go the distance in your give sport. Dan is a man of character. The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Ingrid Marcum-Athlete-#299

Ingrid Marcum-Athlete-#299-Eric Fiorillo Host of The Number One Podcast show in the World Motivation and Muscle Welcomes First Time Guest, Olympic Lifter, Gymnast, US Bobsled Team Athlete, Highland Games and Personal Trainer Ingrid Marcum to The Podcast Show. Ingrid has done some amazing things in her athletic career starting at the age of two years old in gymnastics. As our listeners know when I have a guest on for the first time the format is loose to get them introduced to the Motivation and Muscle Family. Eric asks Ingrid a question he asks himself everyday. Why Do You Lift? Ingrid tells us from a very young age she was very strong and powerful. Gymnastics really paved the way to further create this young genetically gifted athlete. We talk about carrying and the benefits it creates. There is nothing like pure strength and explosive speed due to bear hugging and carrying an object in front of you. Ingrid and I believe this could be the one common denominator missing from your training which could put you over the top. We talk about injuries and when an athlete feels broken. Ingrid is a gym owner and she relates to me how she has begun to hone in on that with the athlete reassuring them that we all have greatness and we can change the outcome with our approach and the exercises we need to get back on track toward our goals. Ingrid is loaded with information and training principals. She is the complete athlete.We are Extraordinary not Ordinary and that’s how we change minds and hearts. Believe in your greatness!  The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Connects Your Brain To Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Donica Storino-9 Time World Champion in Kettlebell Competition-#181

Donica Storino-9 Time World Champion in Kettlebell Competition-#181 Eric and Donica Talk about her Fitness Career. This girl is so strong and confident but very humble. She is a real student of Kettlebells, Teacher and so inspirational to listen to. Donica has three world records in Kettlebells and One North American record. If your interested in learning the art of Kettlebells and want to learn how to Build the will to use them Donica will take you  there.  Very Inspiring! The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show connects your Brain to your Brawn. Enjoy!

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Podcast-Motivation and Muscle Welcomes Roger “The President”LaPointe to Our Podcast

Podcast-The Motivation and Muscle Podcast Show Welcomes Roger LaPointe President of Atomic Athletic back for Part Two of Rediscovering Dumbbells. Eric and Roger pick back up from Show One to inform you and inspire you with ways and examples of how to implement Dumbbell training into your workouts. Motivation and Muscle is the Podcast Show That Connects Your Brain to Your Brawn. Enjoy!

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