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Motivation and Muscle, Bud Jeffries, Fiorillo Barbell, Strongerman, Maximum Functional Mass

Welcome to Motivation and Muscle,the Podcast that connects your Brain to your Brawn . Today, we had the honor of all around Strongman Bud Jeffries. Bud has just released his new MP4 called Maximum Functional Mass. I watched the MP4 before I spoke with Bud and its a 100 percent winner. We had Bud on for over one hour last night and really hit upon many things including some sage words for everyone. We were even discussing the possibility of going to Iceland next year to lift the Husafell Stone. We hope to have Bud on whenever he has time from his busy schedule. Enjoy!

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Pull,Push and Weed

Motivation and Muscle welcomes you to our seventh podcast. Today were going to dive right into the dirt. How working outside and getting dirty will make your weight training better and vise versa. Motivation and Muscle is the podcast that connects your brain to your brawn!

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