Get Rid of Stomach Fat-The FiorilloBarbell Company Presents:The Metabolic Meltdown Series!!!!

October 30, 2013 Eric Fiorillo No comments exist

FBC Note: Kurt is training with one of our five major movements for our weight loss solutions. This movement is called a Squat Pullup. I’m a big believer in bringing in as many muscles into the equation as possible. Kurt is 71 years of age with many major hurdles to overcome. Kurt has been with FiorilloBarbell Company since June of 2013. He started here at a body weight of 280lbs. I’m Very pleased and proud to report as of this morning Kurt weighed in at 237lbs. We are well on the way to his goal of 200lbs. Kurt at one time weighed over 400lbs. This has been a constant struggle for him. I’m here to encourage,train and keep him on the straight and narrow. That’s what a good trainer does. Kurt will get there…. I promise….

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